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HUMAF is a synergistic blend of humats.

The synergistic combination of humats are Humic, Ulvic, Fulvic and Humatomelanic acids.

Humic acids are successfully used as an additive in animal feeding.

Enough research around the world has confirmed the positive results of humats in metabolism and intestinal helath of animals.

Benefits of HUMAF

  • Increases live weight of animals
  • Improved growth rates
  • Increased feed intake
  • Stronger resistance against diseases
  • Reduces the incidence of enteric disease and diarrhea.

Mode of action of HUMAF

  • Protective film on the mucous epithel of the gastro-intestinal This film protects against infections and toxins.
  • Para - immunological effect- Humic acids stimulate the resistance forces of the body and lead to an increase in the phagocytosis activity. It has a positive effect on hematological
  • Antibacterial and virucidal effects- Humic acids have the ability to influence the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates of microbes by catalytic means. This has a deleterious effect on bacterial cells and virus
  • Antiphlogistic and Astringent effect
  • Antiresorptive and Adsorptive effects
  • Ergotropic effects-Humic acids stabilize the intestinal flora and thereby ensures an improved utilization of nutrients. This results in improved feed efficiency and increase in liveweight of the animal.

Administration and Dosage

  • General usage in broilers/layers- 350 gms/ 1000 litres of drinking water During conditions of diarrhoea, necrotic enteritis, poor digestion500 gms/ 1000 litres of drinking water


  • 500 gms, 1 kg

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