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About us

Headquartered in Bangalore, Rajashri Foods has carved a niche of its own in areas including manufacturing, marketing and export of quality animal healthcare products.

Talk about animal feed additives, vitamin premixes or other nutritional products, our company has showcased its industry expertise quite well and set excellent benchmarks for others to follow.



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Food Division

We established our food division in 1990. Since then, we have only raised the bar by manufacturing a wide range of high quality products. The products we produce have become a preferred choice of India's leading companies.

Our food division has state-of-the-art infrastructure which conforms to the HACCP and GMP standards. Safe, healthy and nutritious food products and feed additives have become a hallmark of our company.

Animal Feed Division

Our animal feed division has two manufacturing units producing 15000 tons of feed per month. Our facilities are built using avant-garde technologies so as to produce animal feed that is superior in quality.

Our plants are located in the state of Karnataka in zones that are considered the best in terms of raw material procurement.

Animal Healthcare Division

Over the years, our animal healthcare division has made great strides in animal health promotion. Whether it's poultry, livestock, camel, horse or the aqua sector, the facility features an unparalleled portfolio of top quality products. Each of the products, before it is ready to use, passes through an advanced manufacturing process to ensure best quality. Plus, our expertly trained and highly qualified R&D team supports all the production activities with a relentless focus on improving the livability, health and performance of animals.

Our unique product portfolio includes premixes, acidifiers, growth promotants, probiotics, prebiotics etc.


At Rajashri Foods, we are driven by a strong passion to deliver innovative and high quality products that meet the ever-growing demands of the market in food, feed and animal healthcare.


Since 1960s, the company's founders have functioned as path-breakers in the food and animal feed sectors.

It was during this period that India's first most advanced flour mill and animal feed plant with futuristic technology was set up. At Rajashri Foods, we have always leveraged technology and innovation in a way which revolutionizes the industry.

Rajashri Foods

R & D

Our research and development team is fuelled by professionals

who bring with them tons of experience and skills that have been fine-tuned through years of passion and motivation. Each of our products is a result of extensive research so as to fulfill diverse nutritional needs. And it goes to the market only after it has successfully cleared rigorous tests.

Our research and development team keeps a close watch on the raw materials and the products as they pass from one stage of production to another, till ready to be delivered.

Our R&D division is fully geared with up-to-the-minute technologies and backed by a top-notch infrastructural foundation.

Rajashri Foods Research & Developement


At Rajashri Foods, we take pride in our diverse and immense capabilities.

We are equipped with the bandwidth and capability that is essential to lead large projects to success within a specific timeframe. Our production process leverages most advanced technologies. In addition to this, we also carry the requisite capacity to handle private labelling.

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Our Team

Behind Rajashri Foods stand professionals of extreme dedication and high calibre.

Who possess several years of domain expertise in their respective areas of operation. Their skills are unmatched.

Rajashri Foods
Rajashri Foods

Why Us

  • We possess decades of cumulative industry experience and 19 years of experience specific to the animal health industry.
  • We deliver innovative solutions to the animal sector.
  • Our products are an unrivalled combination of quality, innovation and consistency.
  • We offer an exhaustive range of superior quality products.
  • Our R&D team focus on driving better animal health by conducting safe, ethical and efficient research.

We produce products based on local

needs and global knowledge

Unique products for optimum health & performance of your animals